Stormy Beach Wedding at Brant Beach Yacht Club, Long Beach Island

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Touch of Elegance Catering,
Beach House Spa,
Lily In The Valley Florist,
Big Apple Bakery,
Al Louis Entertainment,
Rosie’s Bridal Studio

On October 11th, 2019, the shore was hit with a bad storm accompanied by hurricane-like flooding. As soon as I crossed the bridge into LBI, on my way to begin Christine’s bride preparations, I was genuinely afraid that my car might just give up and float away. The water was past my bumpers which, honestly, was absolutely terrifying. But I own the little Prius that could and eventually, despite numerous detours and people driving at 3mph, I arrived excited to start shooting. And also relieved that I didn’t get swept out to sea.

Getting ready!

I’ve never met a bride as calm and composed as Christine was on her big day, especially while Mother Nature was wreaking havoc. But they do say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, so Christine and Scott got literally and figuratively, showered in good luck. I gathered all the jewelry, the rings, the dress, the shoes and began shooting details. As soon as I saw the dress on Christine, I was stunned. It fit her like it was custom made for her so I just immediately asked where she purchased it. Then she surprised me. Christine wore her mother’s wedding dress on her wedding day. She took it to Rosie’s Bridal Studio and had it altered to fit her. She also had it modernized a bit, but kept the heavy silk of her mother’s original and it was drop dead gorgeous. The lace was intricately detailed and the (almost) taller than her train was breathtaking. This dress fit her like a glove. I should ask her family if they have any wedding dresses lying around.

So, after some stunning photos of Christine during bridal prep, we began our trek to the church, fully anticipating a full-on monsoon outside. Luckily, the flooding had receded enough that it wasn’t panic inducing and we made it there without a problem. Christine and Scott must’ve had an interesting day, all things considered, but they arrived at the church excited to say ‘I do’ and become husband and wife.

Beach portraits during a storm? Yes.

After the relatively brief (but packed with friends and family) ceremony, we headed to the beach. Yes, we decided to still do the photos on the beach exactly after hurricane strength winds and rain. Our goal was to get to the Barnegat lighthouse, but we didn’t want to risk it. Christine had one wedding day, and since flooding didn’t interfere with getting to the church, we made up our minds and figured…”Screw it, we’re doing this.” All told though, the wind added to the stunning portraits, with Christine’s veil waving in the wind. Even the dark blue skies complimented the bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s attire. Truthfully, if you’re going to have to deal with an awful storm as a bride, at least I can help get you some amazing photos.

Party time!

We arrived to Brant Beach Yacht Club to take the finale portraits with family and Christine and Scott. The stunning views made the photos have great natural light, which is always a benefit for me. Especially considering we were lucky the sun even came out at all. It’s such an open and inviting space. So, if you’re looking for a venue to host a relatively large wedding (between 100-200) BBYC should probably be on your list.

The reception tends to be one of my favorite times to take photos. You can always capture so much pure joy between the masses of mothers and fathers and cousins and long time friends and that one uncle you haven’t seen in forever but still love him regardless. The reception is the time for people to catch up and let loose and truly celebrate. Christine and Scott’s reception really lived up to that standard. It was one of the most light-hearted and celebratory receptions I’ve had the privilege of attending. Both Scott and Christine were so sweet and made my job insanely easy. Not only were they fun but they toughed it out through a rather difficult storm on their wedding day, and I couldn’t be more thankful that we all stuck it out.

On a final note, Christine’s “Keep Your Shit Together” handkerchief was possibly the funniest and most appropriate saying for such a hectic, yet ultimately incredible shoot. Whew. I’ll stop talking now.

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