Dogs are Family, but should I Bring My Dog?

“My dogs are pretty much family, can I please bring them to my session? Or do you not allow that?” That’s one of the most common inquires I get.

I have received countless emails asking if my clients can bring their pups. The answer is yes; a thousand times yes. So, I might, potentially, love animals to an eerie degree. If you walk past me in Asbury Park with a dog, I will definitely stop you to pet him/her without hesitation. My boyfriend moans every time we pass a dog because I’m a little over excited and will immediately make up a nickname for whatever dog it is. Chonky corn flake, little tortilla chip, precious pop-tart…I’m an unstoppable force of ridiculously specific yet somehow still nonsensical pet names. All of this ranting is basically to say that I love dogs. Furry dogs, chunky dogs, curly haired dogs, hyper dogs, big dogs, small dogs, relaxed dogs, young dogs, old dogs; I don’t discriminate.

Dogs are family. So…how do I make the session go smoothly?

When I have a session that includes either a pupper or a good ol’ boi, I will always bring an assistant. It helps both you and I have a smoother flow with photos, to switch from shots with the dog, to the more intimate shots of just you and your partner. Also, my assistant (which tends to be my boyfriend during certain shoots is an absolute dog-whisperer) will more than gladly keep your pup occupied for any of the photos that you’re looking for without the fur child.

Let’s be real though, weddings are all about love and family. And by that logic; if you love your dog, they’re also family. And capturing honest love is what my photography style is all about.

Also…..please bring your dog.

Couple walking their dog with big trees surrounding them.
Rebekah & Kevin’s Engagement Session in Salem, NJ.
Couple kneeling down with their dog in front of a brick wall.
Becca & Tom’s Engagement Session at Allaire State Park, NJ.
Couple Celebrating marriage with their bridal party.
Kristen & Don’s Wedding at The Carriage House in Galloway, NJ.
Couple kissing while dog is on a leash on the beach.
Christina & Johnny’s Engagement Session in Seaside Park, NJ.
Couple holding their dogs and smiling.
Courtney & Chris’s Engagement Session in Forked River, NJ.
Groom and groomsmen kneeling down holding a dog.
Kayla & Joe’s Wedding at Stokesay Castle in Reading, PA.
Couple walking down the aisle while holding their dog's leash.
Kayla & Joe’s Wedding at Stokesay Castle in Reading, PA.
Couple kissing while holding the leash to their two dogs.
Jennifer & Kyle’s Engagement Session at the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Galloway, NJ.
Couple looking at each other on the beach with their dog in front of them.
Jenna & Mike’s Engagement Session at Barnegat Light, NJ.
Couple holding their pup on a farm.
Paul & Ricardo’s Wedding in Howell, NJ.
Couple posing for maternity with their dog next to them sitting.
Jessyca & Tom’s Maternity Session at Allaire State Park in Wall, NJ.
Couple sitting on a blanket with their dog at a park.
Melissa & Paul’s Engagement Session at Allaire State Park in Wall, NJ.

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