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Ready for a rustic country club wedding blog post? At the gorgeous Northampton Valley Country Club in Richboro, PA. It’s one for the books.

So, just to be completely transparent, I’ve known Corey (AKA, the groom) for about 9 years so excuse me in advance if I get a bit mushy in this post.

Corey and Katie were a blast. Not only were they relaxed and willing to go the extra mile for photos, they also made the entire experience feel more like reconnecting with a friend more than strictly a business relationship. Granted, that’s pretty much what it was, but it was so incredible seeing one of my friends being the happiest I’ve ever seen him. Okay, I’ll stop being so obnoxious now.

Katie looked gorgeous, as always, but it wasn’t just the dress or the shoes or the ring or the intricate veil, it was the fact that you could see the happiness exuding from her face anytime she looked at Corey. [I mean, look at their engagement session photos for proof Katie always looks whimsical & adorable.] And that, is the essence and entire reason I love my job so much. It’s easy to fake surprise or fear, it’s nearly impossible to fake that kind of perceivable love. Oh, and also, she had all of her bridal party take photos in matching lumberjack flannels which, in my opinion, is pretty damn rad. Quick side note, her dress was simple yet elegant; modern yet dripping with nostalgia. As if Cinderella suddenly wound up in 2019 and decided to tone it down just a bit.

A toned down Cinderella!

As for the actual shoot, I couldn’t have been happier. Katie and Corey were laughing the entire time, encouraging me to be a little more experimental and genuinely seemed like they were having a good time. A lot of couples can get stressed about photos and the time constraints, etc., but these two were on board with every thing I wanted to try.

So, here’s where I’ll wrap this all up and just say a few more things. Katie was possibly one of the most laid back and easy going brides I’ve worked with. And Corey, even though he’s been my friend for a while, was so appreciative and even dealt with my boyfriend (I mean, they also talked about some stupid video game called Borderlands for 20 minutes before Corey ran off to scare the millions of geese away). That’s hyperbolic, but yes, there were A LOT of geese.

Needless to say at this point, I had an amazing time capturing their wedding. We all, hopefully including the bride and groom, had such an incredible day. I love these photos and they do a great job at capturing the obvious love these two share. I could probably go on and on and on about how much I loved shooting this wedding, but let’s be real, nobody wants to read all that. So, I’ll finish with this, if you find somebody who looks at you the way these two did on their wedding day, you should probably stick around.

OK, ONE LAST THING. Have you ever seen a guy wear a pale pink suit and floral tie on his wedding day and pull it off this fantastically? No? I didn’t think so.

  1. Louise Magee says:

    Beautiful bride and handsome groom so much love I enjoyed this very much.
    I watched Katie grow up into an amazing young lady
    Have a wonderful life. God bless you both!

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