“What should I wear for my engagement photos?” – Asbury Park Wedding Photographer

Engaged Couple Kissing On The Cheek

Is your engagement session coming up and you’re going crazy wondering what to wear for your engagement photos? Go ahead and erase those worries, I have 12 years of experience and can help you narrow down outfit choices.

For my couples, when they ask what they should wear to their session, I tell them I recommend one more “formal” outfit, and one casual outfit that really feels like the both of you. An engagement session should still feel true to who you are. I suggest nothing with too crazy of a pattern, for the most part. But my biggest suggestion is complimentary colors but also sometimes plain works best. That’s not to say that if you love to wear funky patterns that you can’t! It’s just is a suggestion that your other half should keep it calmer to balance it out for the photos. A lot of my brides choose to get their wedding make up & hair trial done on the same day, so they can have professional make up to really look flawless. If you choose not to have the trial on that day, many make up artists or make up places do offer a make up application for you!

Do you love cozy, oversized sweaters? Perfect! Wear that with jeans, and pick a complimenting color for your fiance! Do you secretly love wearing formal wear? Grab that gown you love but never get to wear, and bring it. I love when my clients bring beautiful, dressier clothes as a second outfit. All the photos in this post are some of my favorite outfits, with couples really complimenting each other in well thought-out, but still true to themselves, outfits. Still asking yourself “what should I wear for my engagement photos?” – check out these looks below. All the photos I included really show the complimentary colors, not only between the couples, but with their surroundings, as well.

So what can you take away from all of this?

  • Complimentary colors.
  • Schedule your hair & make up trial on the same day, or schedule a make up session on your own!
  • If you wear something with a crazy pattern, have your other half wear something a bit simpler.
  • Bring one casual outfit, one more formal, and possibly one that’s a little more outside the box (think pajamas or something silly, etc.).
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